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I have purchased all your products about 2 years prior and at that time you explained there would be several how to videos on the use of the seg-easy plates plus your software. I was just wondering are you any closer to that point? And if not when do you plan to release or make the promised how to videos.

Thanks August

Lloyd Johnson

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I'm getting closer. My daughter's wedding is tomorrow and Bonnie and I are leaving the next day for a week in Hawaii to celebrate our 36th anniversary. When I get home, I should finally have the time to get back in the shop since I am now officially 'semi-retired'. Sorry for the delay. When I made the first in the series, I had not yet taken a large job in my contracting business that consumed all my time.

I'm all set to go on the next two videos in the SegEasy tutorial and have a series on Lamination PRO that will also be starting right away.


Chris Neilan

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Funny how life gets in the way of fun! I have watched your excellent videos several times. I now think I understand them. Sometimes I need to be hit on the head with a hammer to get things started! :rolleyes: