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Version 3.1 of Woodturner PRO and Lamination PRO is now released.

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Lloyd Johnson

Staff member
I am happy to announce that Version 3.1 of Woodturner PRO and Lamination PRO has been released. This is a free upgrade to members who have purchased Version 3.0.

For Woodturner PRO, most of the changes have been made to the Print Summary View. For Lamination PRO, Version 3.1 is mostly a maintenance release that will make it possible to add additional functionality in the future. Here is additional information about the Version 3.1 upgrade:

Woodturner PRO Version 3.1 Revisions

Open Segments
Auto Open Segments are now calculated in degrees instead of percentage. The default is four degrees. This is a much easier calculation to understand and modify.

The Woodturner PRO print engine has been replaced to reduce complexity and provide more information. In the past the print output was not always compatible with all printers unless modifications were made on subject computers. By simplifying the print output, the print stream should be compatible with all printers, regardless of the amount of memory on the target printer.

There have been numerous requests for additional information which was available, but would not print due to limitations on print space. The new version has made it easier to modify column widths and uses a narrower print font that allows more data to be printed on a single horizontal line. Now, all available information is printed on each line.

New Zoom functionality has been added to the Print Summary View. With a narrower and slightly smaller font being used on the printout, the characters are not as large as they were. With the Print Summary Displayed, you can now change the Zoom percentage using the drop-down box at the right side of the Toolbar. The default is 150%. Scrolling of the Print Summary is not available at this time, but will be included in a future release.

After numerous requests, Woodturner PRO now prints the number of segments used for each species in a row for up to five different species. Five columns have been added that show the number of segments of each species and the legend at the bottom of the page shows the long name of the five species.

Miscellaneous fixes
Processing open segments - Making various changes to open segments such as changing between Auto-Calculated and Manual open segments did not always cause the open segment gap to be re-calculated. This has been fixed.

Lamination PRO Version 3.1
Extensive changes were made to the processing engine of Lamination PRO, but most of the changes are not visible. The processing engine has been optimized so that it will be easier to add features in future releases.

Usability changes
The left column of Lamination PRO has a series of windows that are hidden or displayed based on context. These windows and their content have been modified so that they are easier to navigate and understand.

3D Design PRO
No changes have been made to 3D Design PRO at this time.
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