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Flip a segment


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I'm doing a variation on a Greek Key that requires every other segment to be flipped. I've designed the glue-up in Sketchup, after which I usually import it to WP as a species and set up the feature ring from there. Where I'm getting stumped is that every other segment needs to be flipped (see attached). The top row shows the running pattern and the bottom row shows four individual segments.

Any way I can put this together in WP?

Jack Freed


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I think I just thought of how to do this. Instead of doing 12 individual segments for the ring, all I have to do is combine 2 segments in the proper orientation prior to importing, and then set up a ring of 6 segments. I think that will work... Yes/No?
or in your example you have 4 segment to make the pattern. Why not bring in each separately as a species and keep the 12 segments per ring.

Species left, Species middle left, Species middle right, Species right. (based on your greekkey jpg.