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Resizing bowl view


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Hey, just installed Seg Pro and am working on setting it up. My first issue is that in the Detail window, the bowl view (the part with the blue background) is only occupying about half the available area when I'm in fullscreen mode. Can this be altered?

Thanks much, Jeff
My experience with SP is the screen sizes are set and cannot be resized.

Not sure if screen resolution setting might give you more view.
From the FAQ thread:
"Screen Resolution: The desired screen resolution is 1920 x 1080 (also referred to as 1080p). If your computer/monitor has less than this (many older laptops have 768), a vertical scrollbar will allow you to scroll the GUI."
On the next release of Segment PRO, I’ve replaced the user interface with a more powerful version. Both users of 1080p and 768p will benefit from this.

Since it often isn’t necessary to see all of the current window panes at the same time, I’ve made one pane have tabs and the Profile View, Cutaway View and Bowl Information that currently show on the Cutaway View will each be a tab of that pane. This pane will be in the current location of the Profile View. This has let me add a new pane below the Profile View where the Cutaway View is currently. I have moved all the fields of the Bowl Details into this pane. Removing the current Bowl Details pane now lets me expand the Bowl View to expand to fill the entire right side of the screen.

Because a 768 pixel resolution won’t let you see the entire Bowl Details in the new version, you can detach that pane and make it float and move it to where you can see the entire pane which could possibly cover a small amount of the Bowl View. You can also attach the Bowl Details page to make it another tab in the upper pane.

This allows me to make a much better use of the entire screen regardless of your resolution and also means that if you have 768 vertical pixels, you can float the one pane and never have to use a scroll bar again.

This part of the upgrade is done and so is another significant part - the addition of the ability to do blanket weave vessels. There are a number of bug fixes and I’m currently working on a new internal spreadsheet that will give you all of the formatting and computational capabilities of Excel without having to export the summary as an .xlsx file. This one is kicking my butt, though, so although I’m working on it, I’m not sure when it will be done. It appears that other of my post retirement activities are taking time that used to be filled with programming.


Yeah, changing the resolution does not affect my issue. I see it fine and clearly, it's just smaller than it could be. I was hoping to fill the detail window whilst the bowl view tab is selected.

If I understand correctly, the next version will allow the detail window to be free-floating and be resizable, but the current version is what it is?

Thank you both for the help.

I did not say resizable. You can just move the pane so that you can see all of its contents. This is only necessary if you have 768 vertical pixels.

Just by making a pane bigger does not make the content bigger. You have to write zoom functionality like I did with the Bowl View which only works if the content is coded using the library that also includes the zoom functionality.

Is it possible to do this? Yes. It won’t make the priority list, though, as the list is too long already and my programming time is limited. The big need on the Profile View is to allow you to add or remove a dot. The profile code was written by a contract programmer in India and it is took far longer than it should have taken and I don’t like to touch his code because when I do, I break it. I suspect the price of programming consultants will come down this year in response to AI making programmers less valuable and I’ll add that functionality then. It hasn’t been there for 5 years so it’s an inconvenience but not a problem.

If the issue is that you have having difficulty clicking on a dot, it could be that you have too many dots. It is far simpler to have fewer dots to make gentle Bézier curves and fewer dots make it easier to modify the curve. From this curve, I can make an inside profile based on the slopes of the outside profile. This lets me generate the inside and outside diameter of each ring which is then shown in the Cutaway View. As you look at that view, if you think the rings may not give you enough wood to turn the profile you want, simply increase the wall width.

Also, as you look at the Cutaway View and think that a single row could benefit from more wood at the inside or outside a single ring, modify one of two numbers at build time. If you want to add a little more width to the outside diameter, increase the SEL by 1/8” - 1/4”. If you want more wood at the inside, add that same amount to the board width.

If you want to do this so that you can see it on the screen, use Woodturner PRO. Since Segment PRO is rules-based, it is going to render the bowl according to the rules regarding how to build a bowl from the inside and outside diameters. Woodturner PRO is not rules-based, though, so you are free to build the inside and outside profiles exactly as you want in 3D Design Pro and when the rings are created you are then free to override the diameters however you choose and you will see the cutaway that reflects your changes. The trade off is that this will take you a lot longer than using Segment PRO but it does put you firmly in the driver seat in the entire design process.