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Got to make a dizzy bowl

Kevin Booth

PRO Member
Hello, I have been turning for about a year. I watch all kinds of YouTube. I was intrigued with ThePapa1947 and his dizzy bowls. He showed how he made his bowls using Woodturner Pro. I just had to try my hand at creating a segmented bowl. I can't wait to get it started.
Hi Kevin.
Dizzy bowls are fun to make. You are not limited to the V shape that some turners do for a bowl from a board. While it can take more blanks to make a bowl you can do any shape you want. The important thing is the Outside and Inside Diameter. That is supplied in the Summary sheet of WTP.

I will export the summary sheet into Excel. I then sort by Outside Diameter. I add a column called blank. Then I look to see how many rings can be cut from the first blank. Attached is a wtp file and a spreadsheet that shows which rings i could get out a blank.

dizzy 2.JPG


  • acoma dizzy 2 spreadsheet.xlsx
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  • acoma dizzy 2 one 8th.wtp
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