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Board length for rings with multiple wood species?


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Is there a way to easily find the board length required for each species of wood in a ring? I have multiple open segment rings, each using a combination of segments of 3 different wood species. The cutting summary view appears to only give a total board length per ring, not board length per species per ring. Also, if I export the cutting view to a .csv so I can add the calculations to get board length per species per ring myself, the .csv is missing the counts of segments per species (S1, S2, S3) per ring that appears on the normal cutting summary view, requiring they all be manually re-entered.
The issue of WTP not exporting all columns to a csv file was identified years ago.
One thing to keep in mind WTP has a limit of 5 species that will be presented in the table, even though you can paint more than 5 different species.
You could send Lloyd an email. Maybe he still has plans to address the export issue.

WTP does not provide board length for each species of wood. You could divide the board length by the number of segments and add a couple of inches to ensure the board is long enough to safely cut the segments. Just mark up the summary sheet.

I tend to just mill up stock to thickness and width for each species of wood I plan to use. I also tend to design my bowls with a 3/4" to 1" width for most of the rings. Yes, I do waste a lot more wood turning down to wall thickness, It just speeds up the time spend getting stock milled up and ready to cut segments. By doing so I save the milled stock for the next project.
Thanks. Sounds like I shouldn't hold my breath for a WTP solution, and I'll hold on to my Excel spreadsheets to get multi-species board lengths.
Thanks. Sounds like I shouldn't hold my breath for a WTP solution, and I'll hold on to my Excel spreadsheets to get multi-species board lengths.
That is the best solution.
It is good WTP and SP has the export to excel feature.
If every bowl built using my software used 3/4” rings, I could give you a 100% accurate list of how many board feet you would need to buy, assuming you made no mistakes in the shop. But for the ~80% of bowls that don’t use 3/4” only, you have decisions you have to make. What thickness can you buy to remanufacture thick lumber to thin lumber to minimize the amount of board footage you need to buy. This means that the only measurement I could give you that would be usable is square surface inches required which would be minimally useful and an estimate at best.

I think the number of users that would find a surface measurement useful would be small once they understand that they are going to have to convert it to something they could use for this particular project.

I’m now adding additional features to Segment PRO such as Basket Weave and an internal spreadsheet so that you won’t have to export it to open a saved file in another program. There’s also a completely redesigned user interface that lets you take full advantage of your screen resolution. This has taken me far longer than I would have liked and it still isn’t done.

None of this makes me a nickel. The software price won’t change, there’s no charge for upgrades and I wouldn’t lose a single order if I didn’t do the work.

I do it because it is functionality that will be used by 100% of my users and I hope that they will appreciate the effort I make without compensation. That’s where the bar rests, though, with regards to what features I will add to the software now that I’m retired.