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Dennis Castle

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Designing first bowl. After completion, I assume that I can view each ring in the plan. Can anyone tell me how to view an individual ring from a top view?


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Segment Pro has a "ring" option. It creates a pdf file containing all the rings. It is used to aid in laying out the painted pattern within the ring. The PDF is placed in MySegment Pro / Ring folder on your pc.
SP does not have a top view option of individual rings in detail like WTP does.

WoodTurnerPro will provide a top view of each individual ring in real scale when the ring view is selected.
WTP gives you full control over each ring. SP is rules based and limits what one can do to individual rings.

Due to different database format one cannot import a SP plan into WTP or WTP into SP.

If having a detailed top view of each ring is important to you WoodTurnerPro would be better suited to plan your vessel.

Many times I have designed a vessel in SP. Printed out the Summary sheet and used the information to quickly create the same vessel in WTP.
It is very easy to add a ring, input the inside and outside diameter, and ring height. It allows me to adjust my design by each ring which SP will not allow.