Print the Paint screen in Seg Pro


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You can do a PrtSc (print screen and past the captured image into Word (or other word processor program.)

Lloyd Johnson

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You also have Microsoft Paint on your computer already. Click the PrtScr button and then use the magnifying glass next to the Start Button to search for ‘Paint’. Ctrl-v will paste the screen capture into Paint where you can then crop it and print it to any printer with a lot of functionality.


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I use SNIPPING TOOL. It is a windows application and you can find it by entering "snipping" in the search area in the task bar. Snipping tool allows you to copy only the part of the screen you want. It automatically copies the snip to the clipboard and can be pasted directly into Word or any other program. I snip my segment apart from the text box on the page,. It is very easy to use.