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Is there a way to NOT stagger rows in WTP?

As far as I know that option to select the offset degree was never built into WTP. The default is a brick design. To eliminate the brick design between rows you still have to do the work around. That is add a row and set to 0 thickness.

Basically the option is 50% brick design or add a 0 thick row for 0% offset.

Lloyd would be the one to contact for more background info and details.
I will revisit this. A few years ago, I made an attempt to do this but found it would be VERY expensive. Woodturner PRO was written in 1999 in c++ with MFC, Microsoft Foundation Class. Support for MFC has been gone for over 10 years and so it would have been hugely expensive to remove it and the code couldn’t be compiled. I found a company that would do the work for me, but they wanted $1500 to agree to do the work and a high hourly rate to work on it.

Woodturner PRO is still the most powerful piece of software ever written for segmenters and it does everything I ever intended for it to do and it. had 15 years of enhancements before it was no longer possible to update it. Only once, in 2012, was there ever a charge for an upgrade because it was a huge effort to produce version 3.x of Woodturner PRO and Lamination PRO.

So here’s the problem. I’ve kept the price of Woodturner PRO and Lamination PRO exactly the same as the day the software was released and I intend to keep it at that price. There won’t ever be a subscription model so any time or money I spend on enhancements comes out of my own pocket.

If it was a simple as putting in a checkbox for block mode, it would be one thing, but rotation is handled in many places in the software so it is not trivial.

The reason I will revisit it, though, is that there were certainly a lot of programmers using MFC in those days and it is possible that a new solution for compiling this code now exists.

I can certainly add brick mode to Segment PRO where it would be great to use the paint function to design brick mode designs. Unfortunately, the issue is complex because drawing diamonds is completely different if you are in staggered rows than if you are in the block mode. Since it took me a couple weeks to make the software work with diamonds and I have no intention of starting over to do diamonds in the block mode so I would just disable diamonds in the block mode.

This is likely a lot more info than you wanted, but it is important to know that I am interested in adding some functionality to both Woodturner PRO and Lamination PRO.