Another hello from Ontario, Canada

Kyle Stubbins

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Hi all!

My name is Kyle. I've been using all of Lloyd's software for a year or so now and love it. Never really have many questions, and most answers I've needed were easily found, so I've never really had much to say. Got a question on a project I'm working on today though, so thought I'd introduce myself and go find the right place to pose my question.

I consider myself a maker, rather than a turner or anything else, simply because I just like to make things. It usually doesn't matter what it is, and sometimes I don't know what I'm going to make this week. Like the question I have, which is about a 4 foot round table base that I'm trying to make. No lathe involved, but WoodturnerPro is really great for the layout!



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Welcome to WTP.
Other members in the wood club I belong to has used Lamination Pro and WTP to do the layout for segmented table tops.