Lohman Patterns


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Hi Bob.
Unfortunately, because of the different database structure of the two programs the plans cannot be directly shared between the two.
To more directly answer your question Lohman's designs that are for Segment Pro cannot not be directly imported into WoodTurnerPro

That said, while it is a bit of work you can take the design and recreate it in WoodTurner Pro. I have designed vessels in SP because of the paint feature. I wanted the design in WTP because of the ability to adjust/modify each ring.
- using the SP cut list you can quickly produce a similar profile in WTP by entering the Outside diameter for each ring.
- Using the SP disk view you can quickly change the wood species in WTP by doing so using the disk view for each individual ring to make the pattern.
- Using WTP profile view you can modify the inside diameter of each ring to ensure a good wall thickness and glue surface.

Hope this makes sense.