Help with basic definitions in software

Craig Allen

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I am Extremely new and ignorant and I am getting confused as I try to learn “Segment Pro” terms and how they relate to my newly made wedgie sled and stop block.
Am I correct in understanding “S.E.L.” as the length that I set my stop block to?
And is the “board width” simply the measurement that I use in setting up my table saw in cutting strips of wood to be cut on the segue sled?
I know anyone reading this is getting a big laugh, but I’ve got to start somewhere and I really love this “club”.


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Yes, you are correct. The SEL is the distance from the blade to the stop block measured at the segment angle.
Make sure when setting the stop block for the SEL measure along the fence angle.

- After setting up the sled, cut off one end of a scrap piece of wood. Using a digital caliper I mark the SEL on the test strip, place the strip against the fence and align the mark to the blade. Then cut a test segment.
- check the cut segment SEL with the calipers and make adjustments if necessary. Cut another test piece and check sel. if it is good your set to go.