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Longworth glueing


Craig Allen

I have finally started assembly of my Stomper and long worth. I know the instructions explain that the brown paper on the long worth should remain on to keep glue easy to remove. I am just concerned that it won’t be long before the brown paper’s life is over. I heard someone say that they don’t use it anymore because of glue problems on it.
Are there any recommendations? Is there anything I can keep coating it with or something? I really like the idea of using the Stomper and Longsworth and want it to be a success for the long run (Or at least until I die… I’m afraid I’m not getting any younger, ha ha)


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Just be careful how you glue your rings. I have found that you can remove the vessel from the stomper after about 15 minutes of glue drying time.
Before placing the next ring on the stomper platform, wipe away any glue. Then place the next ring on the stomper and repeat.

When done and the vessel removed, clean the stomper. Dried glue scrapes off pretty easy. Better to remove it while it is still wet.

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Art Bodwell

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Put wax paper down before put the ring down. No need to cut it round, just a piece you cut off the roll. Wax paper just squeezes down without effecting the glue up. Been doing this for years on the stomper and most other glue ups without ever a problem. Plus you can use apiece for several glue ups. I did leave the brown paper on and it's still there and my stomper goes back to the first time it came out.