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Keeping glue off of the longworth when stomping

Craig Allen

New Member
I have finally started assembly of my Stomper and longworth. I know the instructions explain that the brown paper on the longworth should remain on to keep glue easy to remove. I am just concerned that it won’t be long before the brown paper’s life is over. I heard someone say that they don’t use theirs anymore because of glue problems on it.
Are there any recommendations? Is there anything I can keep coating it with or something? I really like the idea of using the Stomper and Longworth and want it to be a success for the long run (Or at least until I die… I’m afraid I’m not getting any younger, ha ha)


Super Moderator
Staff member
Hi Craig.
Our shop has two stomper setups that have been used for a few years.

We just require members to clean up the glue between rings.
My experience is after about 15 minutes you can remove the project from the stomper for cleaning.