Does anybody know how you can print out the design you make in paint in Segmented Pro?


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There is the ring spreadsheet in this program, however I don't want to print each ring using thirty or forty sheets of paper. Does anybody know if or how you can just print out the design you made in paint?


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Hi Bob1255.
Segment Pro ring view creates a pdf file. It is stored in the My Segment Pro / Ring View folder. (unless you saved it somewhere else)

Just pull up the file in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Using the Reader print function you can set what pages you want to print, etc.
I bet other pdf readers can do the same thing. Adobe Reader is a free program.

I have also imported the pdf into Word and then set what pages I want to print out.

Hope that helps.


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Hello Bob1255,

I had the same problem some tims ago. Here's how i print the painted desings:
When the painting is done press the "print screen" button on your keyboard. (nothing happens and that is OK)
I have windows 7 running here and the paint program isn't supported anymore so i searched for a alternativ program:
After installing put the corsor in the window where the picture comes in.
Press "Ctrl V" and the program asks me if the window should be larger to hold the copy. Yes!!

Then it appears on your screen if it works the same on your computer.

When i want to print it i zoom in and un check picture setting on the bottom.

hope it helps


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Thanks Peter for your response. It looks like you ran into the same problem I did, however you were able to figure it out. I admit I can be computer challenged at times, and I just couldn't figure this one out.
I'm new to forums and posting and should of let the forum know mfisher responded to my question an answered it. So now I know how to print it out. Thank you mfisher for your help and Peter1958 for your information to my question. Your help is much appreciated from both of you.

Lloyd Johnson

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The Paint screen, the 3D Vessel View, the Wall Profile and the Cutaway View are all controls made by third parties and none of them are able to be printed through software. However, it is very simply to print any or all of them by simply using the PrintScreen function (PrtScr on your keyboard)) that has been available since Windows was released 30 years ago.

Simply press that key (nothing will appear to have happened) and your entire screen will be copied to the clipboard. Then use the Search field to search for Paint and the Paint App will start where you can paste the contents of the clipboard. Then crop it to what you want and print it to any printer you have attached with a ton of printing options.

All of this will take you less than 20 seconds and it’s free and already on your computer. If you need help, search YouTube for PrtScr and you’ll get a dozen tutorials.