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Not sure if this is the forum but I have question about the types of finish to put on wood. I have been woodworking for over 30 years and have tried lacquer, spar varnish, urethanes, Tung oil, and so on. Working with some wood such as purpleheart, padauk and so on. After time the wood will start to turn brown and loose it's original color. From everything I read it is because of the UV rays. Has anyone found a finish that will keep the wood original color. I read that spar varnish is suppose to work but reading reviews that it also falls short. I think that if you spend all the time making something with different colored wood it would be worth protecting it and to keep the colors as long as possible. If anyone has an input I would be happy to hear. Thanks


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I have limited experience with purpleheart. Most of what I have read says it is going to change due to oxidation. Some have said keep the work out of direct sunlight or bright rooms. Multiple coats of shellac sanding sealer and shellac seems to be the favorite to slow down the process.

One reason I stick to the more basic woods (walnut, maple) for most of my projects.

Unless you keep the piece in the dark, it looks like the change is going to happen over time.


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thank you for your response. It just might be a case of there is no stopping the change. I would hate to put something I worked on in a dark room.