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Sort Species list alphabetically


PRO Member
Is it possible to sort the species list alphabetically? Currently, in both the LaminationPro wizard and SegmentPro species tab and palettes species list dropdown, the names are not in any order. Is this how they normally show up?

Jack Freed


Super Moderator
Staff member
- My Species tab in SP lists the wood species in alphabetical order.
If you added some species I would suggest closing SP and restarting it. See if the lists is sorted by alphabet.

- In LP Lamination Wizard my wood species are listed in alphabetical order.
Species can be added in the My Lamination Pro / Species folder.

Lloyd Johnson

Staff member
I believe this is a Parallels issue. I suspect there may be a setting that can be changed to change the sort order. It is not an issue for Windows nor is it something I can change through software code.