lamination pro and segment pro



Hi all new here and new to segmented turning
just wondering can a feature be placed anywhere for example higher or lower on a cylinder and can lamination pro be set to just metric

i have the trial versions at the moment and considering buying the full versions
thanks john


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Hi John:
- Lamination Pro can be set for metric.
Go to File / Options or do a Ctrl T. You will see the options of selecting inches or metric as the default unit of measure.

Not sure which software WoodTurner Pro or Segment Pro you are asking about with moving the featured ring. I will give a quick rundown on both.

Segment Pro (SP)
It is very simple to move the featured ring. In the Bowl Setting window select "Featured Ring", On the right hand side you will see a "Move feature" box. To move the ring up use positive number, to move down use negative numbers.

Woodturner Pro (WTP)
It is not so simple. One way to move a featured up/down is to add or delete rings . Bit more time consuming.

WTP is Lloyd's original program and SP the newest. Each have their advantages. WTP gives you full control of rings and the vessel. SP automates much of the design. Hence things you can do in WTP you cannot do in SP. Lloyd has a vid on the differences.

I would recommend to buy the complete package 3DDesign, LP, WTP and SP. There are projects I design in SP and rebuild in WTP. Because of database differences project created in one cannot be imported directly into the other.