• Are you looking for a coupon code to buy my software? You can get one from lots of 3rd party sites but they won't work. My software never goes on sale and has never been discounted. The only coupon codes that are given is when I give a club presentation and I offer a discount to the attendees. Other than that, everyone pays the same price.


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Lost all my info after a computer crash. How can I get my license code??
Have you looked in the Preference section of your account?

Top bar right side click on you name. From the new window box click on Preference.
In the Preference window , Part of the way down should be your code(s).

If not you will need to send Lloyd an email requesting the codes.

In the future I would recommend you making a printed hard copy of your codes and store them in a safe place. It would also be a good idea to save a copy of the software (downloads) on a thumb drive.