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Another non-segmented turning I just finished.


Frank Smith

Spalted Maple vase and lid with Ebony finial/knob sitting on a cherry burl base. The base is a bowl I turned that didn't turn out like I wanted. When I finished the vase I happened to look at the bowl and thought...hmm, if I turn it upside down it might make a decent base. I'm not sure I'm sold on that idea though.

10" tall without the knob 4.5" or so in diameter.

I gotta get back to segmenting!!!

Vase to post by Frank Smith, on Flickr
Very nice. It never ceases to amaze me what wonders nature provides that is just waiting for a turner to reveal.
Thanks! I turn a lot of burls and always enjoy uncovering the beauty of nature. This is a burl I thought was going to be trash and it turned out to be one of my favorites!

Maple Bowl to post.jpg
Thanks Gateway. I've had mixed comments about the base. Some like it others think it takes away from the elegance of the form. I like it either way.
I did not see the bowl Frank and it looks great!!!

Do you think the one you gave me is ready to turn??
Thanks Arlin. That burl I sent you should be ready to turn by now. I think it was sealed pretty good so you might want to scrape that off if you haven't already done it. Post a picture when you're finished!
Great work Arlin! I always hope that the prettiest chunks of wood make their way to someone with the skills to make something stunning from them.You certainly did that!

Thanks for posting.