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New from Los Angeles area


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I am new to woodworking and turning. I watch lots of videos and find it fun. So got myself a wood lathe plus other things to get started. Also purchased all of Lloyd's software and thinking of maybe getting the hardware too.

I have a question, do you turn for fun/hobby or turn around and sell your work. If these type of segmented bowls sell, what do they go for and how long does it take to make one. I am thinking of picking up woodworking as a retirement hobby, and it would be good to be able to sell a few if it can bring in decent $$$



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Welcome to the forum. Segment vessel creation and turning can be addictive.

I build/turn as a hobby. I give away items as gifts. Search the web and you can get an idea of prices if you want to sell items. I have seen as little as $10 and as high in the thousands.

Bob Beaupre

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Welcome to the forum. This is my normal warning.
Be aware that segmenting can be VERY addicting, don't say you were not warned.
This is a great place to get your questions answered, everyone here is willing to help so please feel free to ask away.
As far as your question goes that goes both ways, some just make for the fun of it and others do sell. As far a selling price they can go for thousands of dollars. One thing to keep in mind is there are not as many segmenters out there as there are just woodturners, we are a more specialized group so people can be very impressed with what we do. So if your interested in maybe selling I say go for it. I do sell some of my pieces and that alone can be rewarding to know someone would pay good money for something you made.

Brett Niland

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It is a great hobby. I am in it as an avocation, but would like to turn that into a part time vocation.

Look around on Etsy.com for "woodturned" or "segmented woodturning" to get a feel for what stuff is being offered for. I agree with mfisher. I tend to give most away. As far as for sale, some folks are giving their work away (even when they sell it)! Others seem over proud of their efforts, and the occasional few (many are on this forum) can demand and fully deserve to get some pretty healthy reward for their amazing artistry and time expended.

I hope you are successful in your endeavors and know you'll enjoy this forum.



Alex Garcia

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My answer is 'Yes'. I do it because its fun and I love it. However, I have sold a few pieces (mostly cremation urns) that I use to buy things for my 'hobby'. Have fun, learn things and the rest will come.