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Lamination PRO Tutorials - Multi-Generation Laminations

I finally got Lamination Pro (version 3.1..) to download onto windows 8.1 machine with out Norton interference! When I try to build I get error that MS .NET Framework 3.5 is needed. I have MS .NET Framework 4.5 on machine (part of OS). Any suggestions?

.Net 3.5 is on your computer but in their infinite wisdom, Microsoft dotted not install it by default in some of their OEM installs. 4.5 is not an upgrade, it simply runs side by side with 3.5 and most software running today requires 3.5.

To install it, go to your Control Panel and select Programs and Features. In the left column, look for something like add/remove system features (or something like that - I'm on the road on my iPad) and at the top of the list will be .Net 3.5. Check that box in front of that entry and it will be installed and then lamination pro will install just fine.

Awesome handouts...I have learned much just by viewing the slides, but they sure make me wish I had been able to see them in person at the symposium..maybe next time 8>)

Anyway, I notice the Dubby that you are using to cut your segments...and it looks like you use the Dubby on the 'right' side of the blade, but on the left side where the segment cut-off would be there is nothing. Since the Dubby must have 'some' height to it, do you just allow the segment to fall off onto the left side of the blade..??..and then you pick it up from there..??

Thanks for all the great information you provide..!!

What is A Dubby ?