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Open Segment Project - Acoma-2

Just finished row #10 down in the shop listening to Janis and working with Jack.
Only thing missing is a cigar.......

Diameters start getting smaller so it's time to turn the OD profile and diameter to finish size.
We are about as big as I can get on my lathe. :)
20181119_124234.jpg 20181119_124224.jpg
Lots of chips flying today, finished OD profile and turned excess out of the ID. Wall down to 9/32" and we are rough sanded inside and out.
20181119_152851.jpg 20181119_152842.jpg
Rows 26 - 27 & 28 are on
26.jpg 27.jpg 28.jpg

Now we'll let those dry real good then it's the fun part of turning them on the inside
What tool are you going to use to turn them on the inside?
Another amazing piece you are about to finish.
Was this built on your computer driven jig?
Starting with the Hunter Tools swan necks, we'll see if I can reach everything.
Yes on the computer driven jig
Also, using wedgie sledge for the open segment pieces, I cut myself a 60 deg open segment wedgie 12% open
Rows 25 - 27 & 28 are cut off :mad:
Had a catch and broke a lot of segments.
Rows 25 and 26 are back on and we'll try turning the ID this morning
Wish me luck
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