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Segment pro/ species not included on summary sheet


Mike Goldfine

I have painted a design using 3 different species, yet only one species is shown on the summary. Can you let me know how I can fix this?
It would be helpful if you would Share/export your project and post it. We can download and take a look. I recall issues in the summary if the pallet has any blank species boxes.
Thanks for the reply. I'm not sure how to send the file to you. When I export it to my document file it converts to a PDF file which wasn't accepted by Acrobat reader as something is corrupted about the file. can I just send you an email with screen shots instead? I will need an email account to send it to.
Hi Mike:
In SP you can go to Share / Export. You should then get a pop up box that says file was successfully exported to c:\......My segment pro\ some file name. json.
From there you can log in to the forum. Create a new message on this thread, select Upload a File. A window will pop up. Navigate to My segment Pro and select the .json file. It should then be attached to your post.

A pdf won't do much good. It would be more helpful to see the plan.
Thanks, I will give it a try tomorrow (Norway time difference).
Here is the file.


  • 2018-9-16-22-0-53.json
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Thanks Mike
I downloaded the file and was able to import it. I see the issue in the summary table of only showing two species. I am not sure what is going on. This one may be for Lloyd to answer. Having the json file available will assist him. I will continue looking into it when I have time today.
I had changed the species combos on this bowl 2 or 3 times. I did get the correct species columns on one of the iterations, but I don't know how I did it. Then after the next species change it disappeared again. I was using my default species for the painting.

This is an issue that can (and usually will) arise if you ever paint a project and then change the number of segments in it. It has to do with the way that segments are painted and it is terribly complicated but works great if you don’t change the number of segments.

A file is created that has a single record for every segment that is painted and this allows me to index that file which is necessary to paint the vessel as fast as is needed. Without doing this, the painting process that happens after every keystroke slows noticeably.

Anytime you paint a segment, the software has to see if it has already been painted and if so, it simply changes the species on that row. If it has never painted, it adds a new row and if it is painte with the default species, it deletes that row and all of this happens reliably. If you reduce the number of segments, I leave those rows in case you did it by error and when you increase it again, it will be painted correctly. This is where the problem occurs because now the indexed file is not the same as the file being drawn and the Summary is now incorrect.

There is a simple answer that will take you very little time. Take a screenshot of your Paint screen and then reset the segments and then repaint it. This is both good training so see how fast you can repaint a complex design. I have it down to a couple minutes to paint a Tom Lohman design since all designs are based on diamonds.

The next release of Segment PRO will solve this issue. If you change the number of segments, you will receive a warning that proceeding will do an automatic reset of the painting back to the defaults. I have tried to find a way to have the software regenerate the file from what is currently painted on the screen, the only place that information exists is in the file that is already incorrect so the above solution is the only one that I see is possible at this time.

So for now, if you change the number of segments, reset and repaint and the Summary will be correct every time.

Lloyd. thanks for posting the explanation on what is happening and how to correct it. While I am not a programmer I do like to understand how software works.
Thanks to both mfisher and lloyd for your help and explanations. This should keep me out of trouble, for the time being at least.

The only other sticky issue I'm having is that after saving the plan, when I reopen it is different than what I saved, including extra rings and changed height and width dimensions. I have to fix it every time I reopen the plan, which is pretty annoying. Having read a post about this subject it seems there is no current solution to the problem, or is there?
Hi Mike:
Is this happening will all the saved plans or just the latest that you created? If it is the same one that you had issues with the summary page not being correct. I would export the plan so you have it for download, if needed.
Delete the plan. Recreate the project and save. See if SP brings up correctly.

I have not had the issue you are dealing with.
Yes, it was an issue with the problem plan. I'll do as you suggest. Again thanks for your help.