2018 Segmented Symposium

Bob Beaupre

Staff member
Segmented Woodturners, has announced dates and place for their 6th Symposium!

They have it posted on their website: Title: Home - Segmented Woodturners

Anyone on the forum thinking of going??

It's going to be held in St. Louis, MO, October 12 - 14, 2018.

I am going again, had such a great think in 2106 and learned a lot.

Also met a lot of great people.

Also, Segmented Woodturners has updated their website into the 21st century so if nothing else please check it out, a lot of work went into it.

And may be you should think of joining

Title: Home - Segmented Woodturners

Lloyd Johnson

Staff member
I’m way ahead of you, Bob. I’ve already agreed to a donation to the club that will let me sponsor an event of some sort. I’m not sure what format or when it will happen, but I’m really looking forward to it.

It is likely to be an event that I host for all of the attendees and if so, I will have another meeting, perhaps in an evening, that will let just Woodturner PRO customers get together to discuss issues and opportunities and get to know each other better.

I plan to do a lot of communications with the Woodturner PRO community in the coming months to encourage as many as possible to attend. It should be a great event. I’ll be presenting four rotations and I have a lot of work to do to make sure they are worthy of an event like this.