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New Segmented Woodturner

Peter Huckstep

PRO Member
Hi, My name is Peter Huckstep and I have been turning a little over a year. I have made pens and very small boxes as I had only a mini lathe. I have moved up and just purchased a full size lathe so now can move on to turn larger segmented items even though I enjoy the small things.
It is difficult to get big chunks of wood so making segmented items is really nice and its great to no be wasting all the wood if it was a solid piece of wood. I have attached a photo of an ornament design I have been making and a cantaloupe size box. The box came out beautiful except my wood choices that I painted didn't come out as well as I would have liked. I have repainted in the program and will rebuild some day.
Glad to be with the group and enjoy the program.


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Lloyd Johnson

Staff member
Welcome to the Woodturner PRO Community, Peter! From your pictures, it is clear that we can look forward to seeing some impressive work from you.

Please don't be shy in asking questions. You'll find a lot of talented new friends here.


Bob Beaupre

Staff member
Welcome Peter, looks like you have a knack for this stuff, nice work. When you have time please post some to the gallery. Like Lloyd said there are a lot of talent here and everyone is willing to help, so if you have any question ask away and we will do our best to answer.

stuart johnson

Super Moderator
Staff member
Glad you found us Peter. You'll find a lot of very helpful folks here so if you have questions be sure and ask. You'll always get answers or at least good guesses. What lathe did you get?