• Are you looking for a coupon code to buy my software? You can get one from lots of 3rd party sites but they won't work. My software never goes on sale and has never been discounted. The only coupon codes that are given is when I give a club presentation and I offer a discount to the attendees. Other than that, everyone pays the same price.

Need Help

Thanks Bob. I sure learned a lot about open segmented turning. I know next time I will
make sure that I have enough segment to cover the next row. I was a little short on one.
Nice work for your first attempt. As Bob said, it is a learning process. We all are still learning.

Your bowl looks great and far better than my first try at open segmenting.

I'm looking forward to doing more workshops around the country. I was really happy how well my last workshop turned out. Everyone went home with a finished bowl they were proud of and we covered a host of different segmenting and laminating topics. We made a Southwest Design feature ring and got close enough to finishing the eagle design that people were ready to go home and give it a try.

If you have an idea of a club that would be interested in a 2-day workshop for 12 people with a club presentation, let me know.

Lloyd, You might contact Alan Zenreich about the possibility of setting up a video demonstration. If there is process where you can do say an hour or two demo on a paid basis I would certainly be interested. Unlike the live video demonstration you would need someone to read questions submitted by the audience. I don't know the mechanics of the but my wife joins a couple different Webinars and I join a couple live Youtube groups. This couldn't be as involved as the hands on club presentation but you could certainly demonstrate completed steps of say the eagle design.
Lloyd. I can also ask my club in SCW.
What I imagine the Board will ask is what is the cost for a two day workshop. They also would most likely want to see an agenda.

I know the person in charge of training for the club pretty well. I will bounce some things off of him.
What I imagine the Board will ask is what is the cost for a two day workshop. They also would most likely want to see an agenda.
This is the formula that seems to work well for the two-day workshop. The price is $220 which includes a Stomper ($50), a 16-segment SegEasy Plate ($50), all the wood to make the bowl ($10), and a weight for the Stomper ($10). This breaks out to be $120 for the wood and hardware and $100 for the workshop. My cost is reduced because I usually sell some software.

I prepare all the wood ahead of time by cutting it to the correct board widths and then sending it to the club. The members will cut all of their own segments at the miter saw. I've optimized this process so that it takes very little time to cut the segments for each row.

During the workshop, we build an open segment bowl that will be similar to this bowl:

During the 2 days, we gather and I present general segmenting instruction on the following topics:
  1. Gluing, assembling and turning an open segment bowl
  2. Designing and optimizing the workflow for creating segmented vessels quickly and safely
  3. Building a sled for cutting segments on a miter saw
  4. Getting the most out of a wedgie sled system
  5. General discussion of gluing closed-segment rings and bowl construction
  6. Introduction to multi-generation laminations including laser-assisted positioning
  7. Demonstration of creating a SW Design feature ring
  8. Demonstration of building the Eagle feature ring
  9. Discussion of advanced segmenting techniques including ribbon turnings and segmented sculptures
  10. If time allows, I demonstrate SketchUp for woodturners
I arrive a day early and spend an afternoon preparing and setting up the stations. For 12 members, we need the following:
  1. One Table Saw
  2. One Miter Saw
  3. Four or five mini or full-size lathes
  4. Glue
  5. Clamps for the Multi-Generation Lamination construction
I also ask to be the speaker at a club meeting where my presentation is on Technology and the Wood Turner. It is mostly on segmented turning, but is intended to be of interest to all turners whether they are segmenters or not. The cost is $200 for this meeting.

Thanks Lloyd.
I will print this out and present it to the SWC club board.
Just a FYI our general club meetings are the first Tuesday of each month at 1:00 pm.

I will see what interest there is.
Lester, if you need help with this, I am more than willing. I would love the chance to take one of these classes.
When this Covid madness is over I am hoping you will have some 2 day workshops. I am in Northwest Washington. But would travel if needed. Are you planning to do these again in the future?