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floating bottom for segmenter vessel

About the only place I've seen a floating bottom explained is in Malcolm Tibbetts book Art of Segmented Wood Turning: A Step-By-Step Guide. Starting on page 59
Not seen a video as Bob said also you can put a rebate in your bottom row of segments and fit disk unglued when you are gluing up your ring. Dennis Keely has it detailed. It is shown on Segmented Woodturners Forum look under projects.
I dug this up in the directory I store all my PDF file in.
This should give you some pretty good ideas on the floating base


  • floating_base.pdf
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I like a floating base for stability and the opportunity to create a unique design for the bottom and inside of the vessel.
Bob, this bottom is actually a combination domed bottom and floating bottom. I think if I was going to do a true floating bottom like Malcolm shows I would make up the same type but a thicker disc. I would then cut slices maybe 3/16 and glue them together 90 degrees apart between a 1/4 inch plywood. That would take out any movement issues. I hope that makes sense.