01 - Introducing Segment PRO!

I was trying to print the summary plans in Segment Pro and if I alter the order of the different types of wood used by changing the order of the columns the program crash when I tell it to print. If I leave the columns in the default order it prints fine. Anyone else had this problem?

Bob Beaupre

Staff member
Jose what version of the program are you running. The latest is 1.1.024. If you are not using this version, Lloyd has made some major changes in the summary report. You should download and install it.


Hello! Please give a hint - what does the line Lgth in table Summary? How can I use its value?

Greg Just

New Member
This video will give you a quick overview of the main features of Segment PRO. At the conclusion of the video, you'll find links to other resources of the software.

The following links will let learn more about Segment PRO:
Woodturner PRO website: Title: Welcome to Woodturner PRO - Segmented Woodturning Simplified
Download the trial version of Segment PRO: http://download.woodturnerpro.com/software/v3/segprosetup.exe
Learn more about Tom Lohman's volume ot 30 designs for $15 at the following link:
Title: Segmented Woodturning
Purchase Segment PRO and/or other software titles from Woodturner PRO:
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Visit the Woodturner PRO Forum and Photo Gallery: Title: Woodturner PRO
What is the latest version of Segment Pro? Thanks!