1. Round Pot

    Round Pot

    The Height = 145 mm and Width = 142 mm. The dark wood is Imbuia and the pattern is the WoodturnerPro SouthWest design consisting of Bubinga, Beech and Imbuia strips.
  2. Tangential Bowl with lid

    Tangential Bowl with lid

    The tangential bowl was made according to the method of Robert Craig (American Woodturner Magazine, August 2014) but 20 segments were cut conventionally on the table saw with the blade angled at 9 degrees. The wood is a light Imbuia and the white and dark inserts are veneer. The dark lid and...
  3. Segmented Vessel with Inlace

    Segmented Vessel with Inlace

    Here is the second Stomper turning I finished. The Stomper was a great help in aligning the rings. Because the feature ring was a bit thin- the alignment was critical to prevent thin out of the turning at the feature ring area. The Stomper was great for this turning. Vessel is approx. 8...