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    Software sequence question.

    Hello, after learning Segment Pro (but not yet having the time to print a summary and use it) I have some questions about the interrelation between Segment Pro, Woodturner PRO, and Lamination Pro. I haven't learned WTP or LP pro yet, not enough time so far. How do they relate to each other...
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    Question about this turning I made.

    Hello, since I've been learning Segment Pro I've noticed something about my hot air balloons I turn. I'm posting a photo to show. When I cut all these segments and glued them all up they were all the same S.E.L yet notice the ones on the bottom row. They look narrower. Is this because the...
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    Two problems and two questions

    When I first installed the trial version I somehow accidentally deleted just the label of the very top item in the drop down list of Profiles I think it was as I'm not on the PC as I type this. I tried as Lloyd suggested by running the installer and clicking Repair. Didn't help. Then I tried...
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    Question about Segment Pro

    Hello, first post. I'm not sure which piece of software I need. Segment Pro or Woodturner PRO. After seeing the screen summary for both I'm a little confused because one shows fractions and one shows decimals. What I really need is a printout that will tell me in fractions what the width of...
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    Hello from Georgia

    Paul here. I just found this site and it looks great. I'm especially interested in the software. I like to turn hot air balloons but now want to turn segmented bowls. I use Jerry Bennett's Wedgie sled and plastic wedges he sells.