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  1. Richard Williams

    Comment by 'Richard Williams' in media 'Flower'

    Nice work, great color selection.
  2. Richard Williams

    Comment by 'Richard Williams' in media '2020 Olla'

    Great job, very nice work.
  3. CNC Feature Ring

    CNC Feature Ring

    This is my second attempt at using my CNC to make a feature ring. Woods: Wenge, Ash, Holly, Padauk, Milliput
  4. Fish Hook Bowl/ Dot To Dot

    Fish Hook Bowl/ Dot To Dot

    I love the work of Ray Allen this is my attempt from a plan Woodturning with Ray Allen. Woods: Walnut, Bloodwood, Maple, Black & White Dyed Veneers.
  5. Richard Williams


    Thank you very much, will you send this error message to Lloyd?
  6. Richard Williams


    Thank for your time and patience.
  7. Richard Williams


    I used the two files that you sent me and they worked fine, but I went a step further I created the same vase in WTP same size same dimensions on the feature ring, put in the exact information in LP just as you described, it did not work I got the same error message that is why I asked what...
  8. Richard Williams


    What version of LP and what build of LP did you use the Screenshot below is what I used also what version and build of WTP did you use.
  9. Richard Williams


    Here are both files LP and WTP. Thank you for your help.
  10. Richard Williams


    Where is the .lam file located ? This is the version of LP that I have. I have tried creating a new LP project but I get the same results.
  11. Richard Williams


    I'm sorry I miss spoke, I created a design in LP for a Feature Ring in WTP the error happens when "Export to Woodturner Pro is selected. Yes I have LP and WTP running at the same time. Also, I follow all the steps as you described an have reduced the size from 2" to 1-3/4 but I get the same...
  12. Richard Williams


    I don't know were the .lam file is. It does not happen when I load LP only when I transfer to WTP. I have re booted my PC and have run the lasted Windows update. I have uninstalled LP and installed again still same problem.
  13. Richard Williams


    Can some one help me find out why I am getting this exception ?
  14. Richard Williams

    thinking about segeasy plate

    That's fine, there are different diameter plates and different segments per plate you have to choose what you would like to use.
  15. Richard Williams

    thinking about segeasy plate

    What are you planning to make open segment or closed segment?
  16. Cedar & Walnut Bowl.jpg

    Cedar & Walnut Bowl.jpg

    I harvested this cedar wood from a tree in my yard years ago. I wondered what I could do with it as it sat on my work bench for a month. Psalm 27:14 Wait on the Lord; Be of good courage, And He shall strengthen your heart; Wait, I say, on the Lord! This is the result of waiting on the Lord.
  17. When Different Woods Come Together

    When Different Woods Come Together

    Wood from my scrap ben
  18. Richard Williams

    Try Woodturner Pro first.

    Try Woodturner Pro first.