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  1. Lloyd Johnson

    Comment by 'Lloyd Johnson' in media 'Donna 2 11-2023.jpg'

    Great work, Adam. It takes extra time to make sure that the grain runs around the bowl, even with narrow vertical pieces but in the long run you’ll be glad you did. This bowl will look as good in the future as it looks today and I doubt you could say that with a bowl that has vertical grain next...
  2. Lloyd Johnson

    SEL formula

    I also model my calculations using a graphics program but I use SketchUp because it is so much more powerful than Visio. Anytime I make a change to a formula, I test it against two other segment calculators and then I draw a manual rendering using the calculations from my software. That’s why I...
  3. Lloyd Johnson

    SEL formula

    If you want complete control over the outside and inside wall profile, use Woodturner PRO as it follows your instructions completely. With Segment PRO, the software makes your inside wall profile for you and it does that only with standard segmented bowls so it transitions the lower rows to the...
  4. Lloyd Johnson

    SEL formula

    The Segment Edge Length trig formula uses the Outside Diameter, number of segments and the angled saw kerf to determine the OUTSIDE SEL. The difference between the outside diameter and the inside diameter determines the board width. A third formula calculates the INSIDE SEL from the outside SEL...
  5. Lloyd Johnson

    How to cut lamination segments

    I’m just going to make a few suggestions for your next bowl since Mike is handling the other issues. If you’re making a feature ring bowl, Make the number of segments 16 or 24. The feature ring segment is usually made from two strips that make a chevron, a diamond or a SW design. You cannot do...
  6. Lloyd Johnson

    Not sure what I am doing wrong in WTP

    I misread the earlier emails and made an incorrect post which I deleted. Mike has given you a correct answer in that the software used to use percentage and now uses degrees to match the SegEasy plates which I sell. Each of those plates has a number of segments and the number of degrees you...
  7. Lloyd Johnson

    02 - Segment PRO User Interface

    Listen to me now. I am the only employee of the company and if something happens to me there won’t be anyone here to look up your code or make you a new one. What’s worse is if you don’t have the software installers backed up and I’m gone, the website will also be gone so not having your code...
  8. Lloyd Johnson

    Comment by 'Lloyd Johnson' in media 'Adam's Bowl.jpg'

    You did a great job, Adam. You’ve learned quickly and I’m looking forward to seeing more from you. Thanks for posting!
  9. Lloyd Johnson

    Summary has negative SELs?

    If you ever get a negative number, it is a side affect of painting a vessel and then changing the number of segments. If you do this, you must reset the segments and repaint. Once you do this, the Summary page will be correct again. I have already changed the software so that the next release...
  10. Lloyd Johnson

    Summary has negative SELs?

    I make this guarantee - ALL of my calculations are 100% correct. The reason I know this is that whenever I make a change to any formula, I test my results against two other segment calculators just to make sure that I haven’t made an error. One common mistake new users make regards the board...
  11. Lloyd Johnson

    Plan Post

    The species column shows the default species for each row. It needs to be there because a feature ring bowl has accent rings of different species defaults. That column is meaningless for painted Segment or tornado bowls. For those types, the species counts are to the right. I don’t remember...
  12. Lloyd Johnson

    Segment Pro Summary Plan

    Brian, I can’t find your original post but I believe it was about discrepancies in the Summary with regards to segment counts for individual species. It’s an easy explanation and an easy fix. If you design a bowl and paint it and then change the number of segments, the software is confused. I...
  13. Lloyd Johnson

    Line Laser

    Looks like a great solution, Doug. Mounting the laser on a magnetic base directly on the saw table works great if you can do it with the sled you want to use. Mounting it on the sled will also work but moving the laser with the sled introduces issues that won't exist with a stationary setup...
  14. Lloyd Johnson

    Having trouble with Southwest segment length

    Thank heavens for video tutorials. I rely on them daily. I taught myself how to be a programmer using C# so you can see why I think they are so important. My tutorials are just a starting place, though, so please continue to post your questions here.
  15. Lloyd Johnson

    Species not updated in Summary or Cutaway

    It could just be something I haven’t seen before because I know that changing the number of segments without resetting causes problems and so I don’t do it. A newer user might not know this. I am confident that now that you know, you’ll not see this issue again. Also, when I release the next...
  16. Lloyd Johnson

    Working with json files

    When you save a file, the software has to put the data into a file in a structured manor. The most commonly used structure was XML and now it is more common to use the json standard. Both of these are text files which allows them to be human readable as opposed to a binary file which is...
  17. Lloyd Johnson

    Species not updated in Summary or Cutaway

    After painting a vessel, you reduced the number of segments. The software keeps track of these ‘zombie’ segments in the event that you change the number of species back to the higher number but it has side effects such as the Cutting Summary. It’s an easy fix. Click the Reset All segments on the...
  18. Lloyd Johnson

    Having trouble with Southwest segment length

    I suspect you haven’t watched the tutorials because you are asking questions that are covered in them. To get to them, the first category is Video Tutorials. Click the Software link under that and then click Segment PRO to find the 12 tutorials. When you save a plan, the software does a screen...
  19. Lloyd Johnson

    Having trouble with Southwest segment length

    As you increase the width of the center strip (blue strip), it will decrease the width of the design. I found the magic of the center strip by accident when I was writing the code. I was creating a design and forgot to add the center strip and was surprised (and delighted) with the result.
  20. Lloyd Johnson

    Segment Pro Summary chart question

    The columns at the right of the Summary only show if you have made a painted segment bowl that has been painted. There is no reason to populate those fields for feature ring or tornado bowls. If the numbers in those columns do not look right, it is because you painted a vessel and then changed...