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  1. untitled


    In March of this year I underwent a quadruple bypass. I made this as a gift to my heart surgeon. I wanted to use the appropriate wood species for a heart doctor so this vase is made from bloodwood and yellowheart. It is quite large at about 17 inches tall and 14 1/2 inches at its widest point...
  2. urnzilla


    curly maple, mahogany,yellowheart,ziricote and padauk. this is a large turning-19 in tall 15 in wide. largest I've ever turned !
  3. cookie jar

    cookie jar

    crazy cookie jar....made from cedar,yellowheart,aspen and ipe. 525 pieces
  4. ipe vase

    ipe vase

    made from ipe and yellowheart. 344 segments
  5. happy mothers day Mom

    happy mothers day Mom

    This bowl is near the upper limits of my new lathe. It is 15 inches in diameter. Made of purpleheart and yellowheart , it is 325 segments.
  6. mary lu's vase

    mary lu's vase

    This turning is made of ziricote (Mexico) and curly aspen (American northwest). It is about 13 1/2 inches tall and about 7 1/2 inches at its widest point. At 241 segments , it was a bit of a challenge because the ziricote is so dense and heavy compared to the light and soft aspen.
  7. IMG_1461


  8. large bowl

    large bowl

    figured aspen and ironwood
  9. spin cycle

    spin cycle

    3910 pieces 10 different species
  10. spin cycle

    spin cycle

    3910 pieces 10 different species
  11. MaryLu's bowl

    MaryLu's bowl

  12. MaryLu:


  13. 0128141231


    this vase is mahogany and curly maple.it is approx. 13 inches tall.it is 397 pieces
  14. 0914131606


    made of walnut and yellowheart,and designed in wtp, this vase was a lot of fun to make. At 451 pieces it was somewhat challenging but worth the effort.
  15. jenns bowl

    jenns bowl

    cherry, maple and aspen
  16. vase 1

    vase 1

    designed in wtp the vase is cherry, maple, purpleheart and aspen.