• Having problems with video with Segment PRO on a new PC? You could be experiencing one (or both) of two problems. First, if you have an ultra high-resolution screen, the recommended settings might be higher than 1920 x 1080 with a scale factor of more than 100% and the user interfaces for all software written in c# will NOT be correct. Simply change the resolution and scaling to 1920 x 1080 and scale to 100%. Second, if you have a wonky Bowl View, you have an Intel Iris graphics solution and there are serious problems with it. Solution - go to the Drivers page at Intel's website and install their latest driver for your computer. This will fix it. Link: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/download-center/home.html

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  1. Tim Boger


  2. Tim Boger

    Really Impressed with the Segmented Bells, your processes are tried and true ... a very well...

    Really Impressed with the Segmented Bells, your processes are tried and true ... a very well done video as well. Thanks for making it and sharing. Tim
  3. Tim Boger

    Segmented Vase

    Good Morning, I agree with your suggestion, that would have been a nice addition. Thanks, Tim
  4. Tim Boger

    Segmented Vase

    Here is a Spalted Maple and Purpleheart vase with Walnut base and collar. Critique and Comment Welcome Tim
  5. Tim Boger

    finaly some time to turn

    Impressive, well done.
  6. Tim Boger

    Purpleheart Platter

    Hi Martyn, Thank you for the compliment on the platter, it was not an easy project for several reasons .... Purpleheart is very hard and the many different angles had me wishing I had paid better attention back in Geometry class. It did turn out pretty good. Tim
  7. Tim Boger

    table sled cutting segments

    Hey Martyn, Have you given thought to adding toggle clamps to hold your work down, I think mounting a couple on top of the swinging arm would work great and be much safer. Here is a pic of the toggles I use. Tim
  8. Tim Boger

    Purpleheart Platter

    Thank's for the compliment!! Even a labor of love enjoys recognition. Tim
  9. Tim Boger

    Purpleheart Platter

    Thought I'd share this platter I just completed. It is Purpleheart, Spalted Maple and Mahogany. Critique / Comments are welcome.
  10. Tim Boger

    My most recent work ...

    This bowl / basket has 409 pieces, it includes Koa for the Base and Rim, Yellowheart, Purpleheart and Maple. It sure would be tough to do this type of Open Segmented work with out the WTP Software and the Segment Stomper. Comments / Critique encouraged. Tim
  11. Tim Boger

    Largest Dimension of Open Segmented Bowls

    Thanks Art, I'll check it out. Tim
  12. Tim Boger

    Largest Dimension of Open Segmented Bowls

    Seems to me that the largest dimension the Seg Easy plate can create is around 9-1/4 .... what's the simple method to go up to 14" ?? Thanks, Tim
  13. Tim Boger

    tornado globe

    Nice job Brad, words of wisdom ..... Glue good/turn fast/good sharp tools! Tim
  14. Tim Boger

    design a bwl frm a bd...

    Hi Mark, Have you considered focusing on some of the other amazing things you can do with Lloyds currently available software? May I suggest you check out the integration of SketchUp into Segmented Woodturning, it is a wonderfully challenging facet of this discipline we enjoy and incredibly...
  15. Tim Boger

    tornado globe

    Hi Lloyd, Is there a master list of links to all the videos you've made? I'm studying the Open Segmented process more now than ever and want to be sure that I haven't missed any videos past, present or future. Anxious to see what you produce next. :) Tim
  16. Tim Boger

    My First Segmented Turning

    Great job Chuck, I've been learning the art of segmenting for 12 years and I'd be proud if I produced a piece as nice as yours. Simply well done, Tim
  17. Tim Boger

    Tornado Globe Part 1 - Design using 3D Design PRO and Woodturner PRO

    Hi LLoyd, I just finished watching (for the first time) both of the videos you just produced, as usual, you've done great job. That "Flip Shop Stop" is really a useful application of the Incra tool .... I can't wait to try it in my shop. Thanks LLoyd, I always feel inspired after...
  18. Tim Boger


    Hey Al .... Great looking work, love the Purpleheart !! Welcome, Tim
  19. Tim Boger


    Good Morning Lloyd, Your timing could not be better with respect to the new SketchUp tutorial, the last couple of months have been busy ones for me and although I've had plenty of turning time making bell ornaments I have allowed precious little time to practice with SketchUp .... today I...
  20. Tim Boger


    Morning Brad, I have made a couple dozen segmented ornaments this year, not so much in the traditional method of rings made into sphere shapes but bells .... typically 6 wedges cut from a laminated board ..... Tim