• Having problems with video with Segment PRO on a new PC? You could be experiencing one (or both) of two problems. First, if you have an ultra high-resolution screen, the recommended settings might be higher than 1920 x 1080 with a scale factor of more than 100% and the user interfaces for all software written in c# will NOT be correct. Simply change the resolution and scaling to 1920 x 1080 and scale to 100%. Second, if you have a wonky Bowl View, you have an Intel Iris graphics solution and there are serious problems with it. Solution - go to the Drivers page at Intel's website and install their latest driver for your computer. This will fix it. Link: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/download-center/home.html

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    Segment kick back

    I was having the same problem especially with 1/8" thick dividers actually seqs for between larger segs any way I got a new blade from my blade sharpening guy and it's a triple tooth with a negative rake cut on the teeth. this makes all the difference the wing speed is decreased and that litle...
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    Comment by 'George Randels' in media 'IMG_2902.jpg'

    Thank you very much Lloyd that is truly an honor coming from you hope to always do my best but this one was a real bear .
  3. IMG_2902.jpg Time Warp

    IMG_2902.jpg Time Warp

    Walnut & Maple approx 1200 segs 1x1 equals about 10 cutting boards stacked one on top of another what a pain in the ---
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  8. IMG_2909.jpg Time Warp

    IMG_2909.jpg Time Warp

  9. fair bowl.jpg Oak with Walnut spacers

    fair bowl.jpg Oak with Walnut spacers

    This was my first time entering anything at the State Fair and look what happened 4 Blue Ribbons With BEST OF SHOW I was blown away
  10. IMG_3474.jpg cat urn #1

    IMG_3474.jpg cat urn #1

    Mahogany & purple Heart with Coca-bola finial
  11. IMG_3488.jpg urn#2

    IMG_3488.jpg urn#2

    Purple heart & Mahogany Coca-Bola finial
  12. IMG_3489.jpg cat urn #2 inside

    IMG_3489.jpg cat urn #2 inside

  13. IMG_2055.jpgOklahoma Tornado Bowl

    IMG_2055.jpgOklahoma Tornado Bowl

    7 different types of wood
  14. IMG_2064.jpgOklahoma Tornado Bowl

    IMG_2064.jpgOklahoma Tornado Bowl

  15. IMG_3467.jpg


    Mahogany & Osage orange segmented pet urn
  16. IMG_3469.jpg


    inside view of Mahogany & Osage orange