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    Comment by 'tecaryII' in media 'Broken arrow 3.JPG'

    No, use a chefware kit jig. It's the one you see Earl use on his little shop web page. Just use the principal that Tom Lohman shared on his video.
  2. Broken arrow 1.JPG

    Broken arrow 1.JPG

    Broken Arrow. 6120 segments. 120 segments per ring. 250 hours. 10,5 inches tall 11.5 inches diameter. Redheart, walnut, aspen.
  3. Broken arrow 2 (2).JPG

    Broken arrow 2 (2).JPG

  4. Broken arrow 3.JPG

    Broken arrow 3.JPG

  5. inlay.JPG


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    Closed segment bowl

    Thank you mfisher. I used an open segment fixture (jig) to build it. Tom Lohman has a video of how to do this on his web site. I have different fixture, but the principle is still the same.
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    Comment by 'tecaryII' in media 'Pheonix 3.JPG'

    Look in the forms. Posted it there.
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    Comment by 'tecaryII' in media 'Pheonix 3.JPG'

    I put the json file in the form. Segmented turning and under closed segmented turning.
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    Closed segment bowl

    I was asked to share this plan. The bottom of the inside was done on a CNC.
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    Comment by 'tecaryII' in media 'Pheonix 3.JPG'

    Thank you. As with any other project I learned a lot from this and will apply that to the next. We'll see how it comes out.
  11. 100_0192.JPG


    phoenix - 2520 segments.
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  13. Pheonix 3.JPG

    Pheonix 3.JPG

    mother of pearl inly
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    Comment by 'tecaryII' in media '100_0190 (2).JPG'

    Thanks Lloyd. Love your program. Makes life so much easier then doing the math by hand.
  15. 100_0185 (2).JPG

    100_0185 (2).JPG

    wenge, redheart, holly, and yellowheart. 1152 segments.
  16. 100_0190 (2).JPG

    100_0190 (2).JPG

  17. 100_0162.JPG


    purple weave.
  18. 100_0162.JPG


    purple weave. 1440 segments. 11 3/8 x 6 1/4
  19. 100_0172.JPG


    purple weave. 1440 segments. 11 3/8 x 6 1/4