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  1. Lloyd Johnson

    Multi-Generation PowerPoint Presentations

    I recently returned from the Segmented Woodturners Symposium in St. Louis where I made a couple rotations on Multi-Generation Laminations that I'd like to share with you. I have put them in the Samples folder of this forum and so here is a link to that thread: Title: Lamination PRO Samples...
  2. Lloyd Johnson

    Homemade Christmas 2017 Details

    Its Christmas! Let's celebrate by having by showing of what you made or received this Christmas that was made by hand. It doesn't matter if it was a woodturning, woodworking or even if it was made from wood or not. By simply posting a picture, your name will be entered into a drawing for a #2...
  3. Lloyd Johnson

    Beginner's Project - Open Segment Christmas Ornament

    I've done a poor job at providing content for the segmenter that is just getting started with open segment turnings. So with Christmas fast approaching, I thought this would be a good time to correct that with a project that is seasonally appropriate. I've made a five-part tutorial that shows...
  4. Lloyd Johnson

    Build 1.1.028 - a single change only - increasing the number of segments per row

    Tom Lohman has developed a new index wheel that supports 180 segments per row and I had agreed to see if the software would support this. I had to make a few changes I wasn't expecting, but it is now working. However, don't be surprised if you run out of memory if you use 180 segments on too...
  5. Lloyd Johnson

    Tanks, Australia for a wonderful time.

    Most of my pictures have been on my Canon so I haven't been able to post many pictures but I'll try to catch up a bit. We are leaving the perfect weather of Sydney for the very cold temperatures of Queensland, New Zealand but the sites should be wonderful.
  6. Lloyd Johnson

    Build 1.1.027 - Bug fixes - Summary (Metric) and Imported Profiles

    I have just posted Build 1.1.027 of Segment PRO which fixes two issues. First, International users may have been unable to open the Summary or Rings View because of an issue with the decimal delimiter being a comma instead of a period. This has been corrected. Second, when importing Profiles...
  7. Lloyd Johnson

    Build 1.1.024 - New Summary Page - Print and Export to .xlsx

    The method by which the Summary Page information has been completely redone. It now creates a spreadsheet and the Print routine brings up a standard dialog box that allows you to customize print settings. For example, the default is for Narrow Margins on the side, but the top and bottom...
  8. Lloyd Johnson

    Build 1.1.023 - New Summary features - Print and Export! (beta version)

    This took a lot longer than expected so I apologize for it. I believe you will like the results, though. I am releasing this as a BETA version because I will be making more changes tomorrow and hopefully will have had some additional feeback by then. The new Print functionality creates a...
  9. Lloyd Johnson

    Build 1.1.022 Share > Import > zipfile now working

    The ability to import a .zip file containing multiple Plans stopped working with the last build. This has now been corrected.
  10. Lloyd Johnson

    01 - Introducing Segment PRO!

    This video will give you a quick overview of the main features of Segment PRO. At the conclusion of the video, you'll find links to other resources of the software. The following links will let learn more about Segment PRO: Woodturner PRO website: Title: Welcome to Woodturner PRO - Segmented...
  11. Lloyd Johnson

    Build 1.1.019 - Tornado View now supports Ring View

    Segment PRO will now print a single-page Ring View that will help you lay out your segments for the Tornado bowl type. Since all of the rows are identical, it prints just a single page and the Row Details are not included on that page.
  12. Lloyd Johnson

    02 - Segment PRO User Interface

    This tutorial will help you navigate the windows, menus, tabs and controls of Segment PRO.
  13. Lloyd Johnson

    Build 1.1.018 - Summary View now accounts for Spacers

    When I changed how the Vertical Spacers were created, the code needed to be changed so that the Segment Edge Length would take the Spacers into consideration. The Segment Edge Length (S.E.L.) now is reduced for each row in which a spacer exists. PLEASE NOTE: The Spacer is a piece of wood with...
  14. Lloyd Johnson

    Build 1.1.016 - Summary View

    Build 1.1.016 Corrects a couple computation errors that were introduced while adding functionality to the Summary View. The Board Width and the Board Length were both incorrect. Fortunately, neither of these calculations affect how a bowl is constructed. Build 1.1.016 also introduces the...
  15. Lloyd Johnson

    New Summary View - Beta

    Let's see what you think about this Summary View which shows you the board length for each of the species used in a Painted Segment row. A few of the changes: The grid now includes only those species that are used. The segment count is now displayed on a cyan background. The columns are...
  16. Lloyd Johnson

    10 - Saving Profiles and Plans

    This tutorial covers Profiles and Plans and how to save them, open them and how to share them.
  17. Lloyd Johnson

    05 - Species and Palettes in Segment PRO

    This tutorial discussed adding species to Segment PRO and then how to use them in a Species Palette.
  18. Lloyd Johnson

    11 - Summary and Ring Views of Segment PRO

    This tutorial will help you understand how to get the most out of the Summary View and how to use the Ring View from Segment PRO:
  19. Lloyd Johnson

    09 - Using Lamination PRO with Segment PRO

    Although you can make your feature ring segments using hundreds of different methods, there is no simpler way of designing them than using Lamination PRO. The key is knowing the two important dimensions that you have to know before you start using Lamination PRO: the height and width of the...
  20. Lloyd Johnson

    07 - Image Editor in Segment PRO

    The Image Editor is used for five different actions in Segment PRO. Although each of these actions are for different purposes, the use of the Image Editor is mostly the same for each of them.