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  1. Lloyd Johnson

    Installer not working for Woodturner Pro

    It was a labelling issue. The current download is .016. I'm using .017 but it is not ready for release. I've been working (slowly, I'm afraid) on a couple changes that are making my teeth itch and that's not a good thing. I'm likely going to remove them because they don't add much functionality...
  2. Lloyd Johnson

    Comment by 'Lloyd Johnson' in media '20221114_170615.jpg'

    I didn't post the photo. I only choose from photos that have already been posted. When I saw the one at the Segmented Woodturner's site I just assumed it was yours since they were both posted about the same time. I'm sorry it wasn't yours, but both that turning and yours are exceptional pieces...
  3. Lloyd Johnson

    Comment by 'Lloyd Johnson' in media '20221114_170615.jpg'

    BTW, I was so impressed with your turning(s), I made this one the Photo of the Week at the Segmented Woodturner site (Title: Segmented Woodturners | Worldwide Home of Segmented Woodturners).
  4. Lloyd Johnson

    Comment by 'Lloyd Johnson' in media '20221116_153710.jpg'

    That's a beautiful turning, Peter. I really like your color selection. I'm sure this piece was not easy, but it was sure worth the effort! Thanks for sharing. Lloyd
  5. Lloyd Johnson

    Comment by 'Lloyd Johnson' in media '20221114_170615.jpg'

    Your turning are amazing, Holger! A lot of creativity and planning is needed to make outstanding work such as this. Thanks for posting!
  6. Lloyd Johnson

    Are the software programs compatible with Apple IPad?

    I live on my iPad PRO and it is a great device. If I were to write software for it, though, I would have to start completely from scratch. I wrote Segment PRO using C# with third party 3D libraries and took me a full year to finish. When I think about restarting in a different language my...
  7. Lloyd Johnson

    segment pro row thickness question

    Dennis, Here’s a couple hints to speed up the process in Woodturner PRO. First, I’m assuming that you are designing the wall profile first in 3D Design PRO. Now, if you want every other row to be a different thickness 3/4” and 1/8” for example), temporarily ignore the profile that you transfer...
  8. Lloyd Johnson

    Comment by 'Lloyd Johnson' in media 'Open & Closed Segmented Bowl'

    A beautiful piece, Keith - as usual. Bonnie and I sure enjoyed spending the day with you and Shirley in the Auckland area. I believe it’s about time to do it again either there or somewhere here in the states. We’re open to any suggestions. Now that we can travel again, we’d better do it before...
  9. Lloyd Johnson

    fichier lamination

    I’m glad you’re enjoying Lamination PRO, Yvon. It’s unfortunate that this software is one of the best-kept secrets for woodworkers. I decided not to market it to the woodworking community since my career outside of Woodturner PRO kept me as busy as I could handle. Since retiring, I have been...
  10. Lloyd Johnson

    Volume Calculation

    Yes, that is the formula I use. I use the inside diameter from each of the two adjacent rows along with the height of the lower row and then add them all together to get the total volume. I have used online calculators to verify my calculations but, and this is important, I make NO guarantee as...
  11. Lloyd Johnson


    I have a series of pdf files of PowerPoint presentations that show how I have cut strips with the dimensions shown in Lamination PRO. Here is the link to those files (the second thread of the post has the files): Title: Lamination PRO Samples Start by viewing Beyond Chevrons. Then view...
  12. Lloyd Johnson

    Processing SegPRO Summary Output for the Shop

    Defending the accuracy of my calculations has always been a challenge. In 22 years, I can’t even guess how many times I’ve had someone tell me that my calculations were wrong at which time I would start the process of proving they were correct either by using SketchUp to create segmented rings...
  13. Lloyd Johnson

    Other tutorials?

    There was a time when software companies made printed user manuals. They seldom got read and they quickly went out of date and they were terribly expensive to create and maintain. I also made these manuals. Thankfully, streaming video made it possible to make video tutorials and there haven’t...
  14. Lloyd Johnson

    segment spacing spec in the segment pro

    For a long time, I used percentage in Woodturner PRO but then I partnered with Jerry Bennett who makes the SegEasy Plates and is the father of the Wedgie Sled in segmented turning. He used degrees and since he is the person that makes my plates, I decided to switch to degrees in my software...
  15. Lloyd Johnson

    Cutting feature ring segments

    One thing to consider is when you cut the angles on the segments, the inside of the bowl should look as good as the outside so make sure you don’t cut into the design. If you transfer the design back to Segment PRO you can scroll in through one side of the bowl and see what the design will look...
  16. Lloyd Johnson

    Cutting feature ring segments

    If your target SEL is 2" and you are going to lose 1/8" when you cut the board of repeating units into individual units, you should do one of two things. First, you could add 1/8" to the Segment Edge Length to provide the wood that will be lost but that is not how I do it. I use the second...
  17. Lloyd Johnson

    Comment by 'Lloyd Johnson' in media 'bowl1.jpg'

    That's a beautiful bowl, Holger. Thanks for posting the picture!
  18. Lloyd Johnson

    select bottom size

    Ken, You can do as Mike says and move the bottom dot to the right to make that disk with a larger diameter, but I would advise against that. Through the years there’s been a tremendous amount of discussion about a flared base and it’s been almost universally agreed that this is not a good...
  19. Lloyd Johnson

    Roy, Login to the Forum and click on your name. Click ‘Preferences’ and scroll down to see the...

    Roy, Login to the Forum and click on your name. Click ‘Preferences’ and scroll down to see the two authorization codes you purchased at different times. Make a print screen of that page and keep it in hard copy. I’m the only employee of the company and if something happens to me, there won’t be...
  20. Lloyd Johnson

    rotating rings

    In a perfect world, there would be a field that allows you to change the rotation, row-by-row. That would actually add a LOT of user interface, though, and the cost would be prohibitive for reasons I don’t choose to share. Since the only rotation you’d want to do other than 50% of the prior row...