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  1. Stuart Kaplan

    Summary Sheet

    I have the design I want and went to summary, optimize by width, and it printed something other that the summary, had bits and pieces. Unoptimized for width and printed perfect. Tried again and same result, no joy. Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks Stuart
  2. Stuart Kaplan

    Questions about thickness and tornados

    1. How do I change the thickness in a ring? That ring all the same but different from the rest. Ex. All segments are 1/2 thick but I want one row to be .125 thick and show on the profile. 2, I want to make a tornado bowl , I paint the bowl with my colors, looks like I want in profile, then...
  3. Stuart Kaplan


    What does MAP stand for on Summary page?
  4. Stuart Kaplan

    Stuart from Scottsdale

    Like to intro myself, I am Stuart from sunny Scottsdale AZ. I have turning for many years but haven't done any segmenting work. I do wood, wood and resin or just resin. My instagram is @wheelchairartisan. Thanks and looking forward to the forum.
  5. Stuart Kaplan

    Benchtop table saw

    First question is what is a good benchtop table saw? Don't have room for a cabinet or hybrid saw. Need to up my game from my 8" ryobi. I have a sled for segmenting. Looking at the Hercules from Harbor Freight, not for the price but has the features at a good price point. Thoughts. Thanks and...