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  1. Johnrheyd

    Segment Stomper for closed rings.

    Wow Lloyd, initially I wasn't really too interested because I don't do open work, until I saw the closed ring centering feature - I really like this and think it would be great. Let us know when you get back into production on the Longworth spiral plate - really cool. In the mean time I"m...
  2. Johnrheyd

    Hello from California

    Hi my name is John Heyd and I just joined the Forum after purchasing the Pro package. Been Segmenting now for about 18 months. I'm a retired insurance guy - worked in the industry for 37 years and decided there had to be more to life then sitting behind a desk and beating my head against the...
  3. Johnrheyd

    Tutorials for 3D design pro

    Can someone please tell me where I can find the Tutorials for 3D design Pro or for that matter any of the programs? I saw the first tutorials but at the end of it, it stated that there were more. I'd like to see them.