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  1. LarryW

    Flattening Open Segment Rings

    Prepping the wood is the most important step. Same thickness will same you More time and aggravation than almost anything you can do. Check out Earl’s Small Segment on YouTube. He is doing a series on open segments.
  2. LarryW

    Flattening Open Segment Rings

    Nice bowl. I use Titebond Quik and Thick. Dries fast an in nearly invisible. IMO if you have problems with squeeze out, you are using way too much glue.
  3. LarryW

    recommendations on open-segment plate sizes to start off with

    All good advice. Another great source is Earl’s Segment videos on YouTube. He does both open and closed segment videos.
  4. LarryW

    Help with basic definitions in software

    You got it, and I did smile. One thing I find every important preparing the wood.
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    Second attempt on the pattern. The first I had problems with the first 3 rows chipping. I even tried sanding the first 2 rows. I almost had it turned and it blew up. Pieces all over the shop. I reworked pattern increasing the size. Walnut, purpleheart, yellowheart, beech, sapele and a...
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  9. Flower


    I am a fan of Earl's Small Segment videos. I copied this with a couple changes. 48 pieces per row. Sapele, Walnut, Maple and Padauk
  10. Flower Bowl

    Flower Bowl

    Learning Segment Pro. Walnut and Maple. Finished the inside, when started the inside, had a catch. I had to redo the base and the first 3 rows. I think it came out pretty good.
  11. LarryW

    New Member east of Buffalo, NY

    I been turning a few years, fell in love with segmented turning. I started segmented turning a little over year ago. I have been using graph paper with some success, I downloaded wood turner pro on an old laptop. The old version of windows needed to be upgraded, I went for Windows 10, lost my...
  12. LarryW


    Larry Warren here. I live in western New York. I've been turning for about 4 years. I love the hobby. Love to turn bowls, boxes and finials. A couple months ago, I tried segmented bowl, I'm hooked. I really love the creativity with segments.