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    Plans for Lloyd's sled

    Memories Wow, those photos bring back good memories and fun. I ended up finishing my bowl and giving it to our Pastor's secretary who was so appreciative, tears came to her eyes. She is such a wonderful person and I love working with her almost everyday. Can't wait to see the new sled...
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    Plans for Lloyd's sled

    Lloyd, there is a lot of talk lately about the sled you used during your open segment bowl class here in San Antonio last year. Are plans available for it? Robert Schoenert
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    Hello from San Antonio Texas

    Hello all, It's my first time on the Forum but I've used Woodturner Pro for years and can't imagine not using it. The new features of version 3 look interesting and can't wait to learn Lamination for some cutting boards that I want to put in a craft show in November. I have taught segmented...
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    Hey, is it OK to say..."I know this guy!"

    Hey, is it OK to say..."I know this guy!"