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  1. Ken Sherwin

    Correct Gouge grind for segmented turning

    The grain is pretty much always face or edge grain depending on how you oriented the stick when you cut it. With a 12-segment ting, the grain is always within 15 degrees of straight and more segments makes that number even smaller. Tearout due to grain direction should never me a problem. Some...
  2. Ken Sherwin

    cleaning up the bottom of a bowl

    I gave upon a Longworth chuck as I didn't trust the grip it had. Without a vacuum pump, My goto is my set of Cole jaws. Also keep the tailstock engaged as long as possible. With a long skinny live center, there won't be much to cleanup with the bowl unsupported.
  3. Ken Sherwin

    MJ Splitter

    I've never had a problem cutting segments that a splitter or riving knife would help with. i have, however, had smaller segments get pushed into the blade when I foolishly let the pile get too big. A When this happens, you hear a "Ping! Whizzzz" as the segment vanishes from sight forever. A...
  4. Ken Sherwin

    First piece using lam pro and set pro

    I'm guessing you had an inadequate vacuum pump and the hose from the chuck was too small. You're gonna need a bigger pump!
  5. Ken Sherwin

    Beating a dead horse (another ring flattening idea)

    I had trouble with my rings being shorter than my Cole jaw bumpers too. My solution was use flat head screws withOUT the rubber bumpers in the jaws. The countersunk screw heads formed a dovetail in essence. Of course they marked the side of the ring but who cares? It gets turned off anyway.
  6. Ken Sherwin

    Beating a dead horse (another ring flattening idea)

    I tried another idea to easily flatten rings. 1. I put a ring on the spindle with Cole jaws. I straightened up the sides of the ring but I'm not good enough to make a glue-ready joint with a bowl gouge. Then I scribbled on the cut face with a pencil. 2. I mounted a 12" flat sanding disk...
  7. Ken Sherwin

    Flattening rings

    My sanding block is 24" long so I can brace the end against the the lathe ways with one hand and push it flat against the ring with the other hand. It gives me very good position control of the block. I also flatten both sides of each ring in the cole jaws rather than wait until glue-up time.
  8. Ken Sherwin

    ARRRG! 10" segmented ring

    I made a straightedge from a Corian scrap and glued it to a slightly wider strip of Corian. To use it, 1. Lay a strip of blue painters tape that's longer than the circumference of your next ring face up next to the straightedge and tape the loose end down. Let the roll of tape hand over the...
  9. Ken Sherwin

    oversize pepper mill

    I made a 17" tall pepper mill as a special order and used a normal length mill kit. Instead of making the top knob a couple of inches tall, I made it 8" tall, burying the adjustment knob inside it. The owner's wife just loves it. I made the OD about 3" even though the length to diameter ratio...
  10. Ken Sherwin

    Type Of Ring - Wheel

    Got it. Thanks.
  11. Ken Sherwin

    Type Of Ring - Wheel

    I downloaded Woodturner Pro and opened your various plans. I believe I discovered that a wheel ring has some segments that are wedges and some that have parallel side (zero degree taper). Is that correct?
  12. Ken Sherwin

    Type Of Ring - Wheel

    For my (and possibly others) education,, what is a wheel row?
  13. Ken Sherwin

    I noticed the title under my avatar still says 'New Member' eveb though I joined in early 2018...

    I noticed the title under my avatar still says 'New Member' eveb though I joined in early 2018. I was curious about what I have to do to qualify for an upgraded title. 'Green Apprentice", perhaps. :) It's not a big thing but I was curious. Ken
  14. Ken Sherwin


    mfisher's way is simpler and easier to understand than mine. I was a machinist and engineer for 48 years and am accustomed to using the digital readouts on mills and lathes. (Yes I put a DRO on my antique Craftsman table saw I inherited from my dad.)
  15. Ken Sherwin


    "S.E.L. Stands for segment length. This is the length of the top of the trapezoid. Which is the distance between the saw blade and the fence. Is this correct? " I believe you will find that the SEL is the length of the outside or long side of your segment. The distance between the length...
  16. Ken Sherwin

    Longworth Centering Chuck?

    Longworth chucks of other sizes are easy to make. Plans and videos are all over YouTube.
  17. Ken Sherwin

    Longworth Centering Chuck?

    While I don't have this particular Longworth chuck, mine will hold rings on the ID as well as on the OD so this one may actually hold larger rings. It all depends on how they spec'ed the diameter.
  18. Ken Sherwin

    Thickness plainers

    I did try it and several medium-sized rings went through okay but apparently the bottom side has to be pretty flat first. I had a ring explode inside the planer. I assume the first pinch roller cracked a glue joint, allowing an end to get into the blade, then it got exciting. I had to take...
  19. Ken Sherwin

    Thickness plainers

    Be sure to look at the minimum length requirement and the maximum width requirement before you buy. Mine is 7-1/2" minimum and 12-1/2" maximum, which leaves me with all the starting and ending rings to deal with on my Cole jaws or drum sander. It's hardly worth using on rings.
  20. Ken Sherwin

    Gaps Between Segmented Rings

    I don't understand. Are you talking about turning rings on a metal lathe or rigging a saddle and cross slide on a wood lathe?