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  1. Ed Reed

    simple disc in Lamination Pro

    Are there any video tutorials for how to produce a simple 1st generation disk in Lamination Pro? I'm struggling trying to make a disk with equally spaced chevrons. Thanks
  2. Ed Reed

    New WTP design I call "Large bowl with too many pieces"

    I saw this design on a gallery website and wanted to reproduce it with WTP. I have not made this bowl yet but I plan to start this weekend. If anyone has any comments or suggestions I would certainly welcome them. Enjoy.
  3. Ed Reed

    different size segments within a row

    Using WTP, is it possible to create a design with different size segment in the same row? I want to do something like this. I know I can change the thickness of every other row but I can't figure out how to make the three narrow segments followed by one wide segment, and repeat. Any thoughts?