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  1. Ken Sherwin

    Beating a dead horse (another ring flattening idea)

    I tried another idea to easily flatten rings. 1. I put a ring on the spindle with Cole jaws. I straightened up the sides of the ring but I'm not good enough to make a glue-ready joint with a bowl gouge. Then I scribbled on the cut face with a pencil. 2. I mounted a 12" flat sanding disk...
  2. Ken Sherwin

    Steps to produce a basic segmented vase

    I was asked to create a step-by-step set of instructions to help bring somebody familiar with saws and lathes up to speed with segmenting. The attached document was the result. I hope you find it useful.
  3. Ken Sherwin

    Segment Pro question

    Is there a way to overlay the desired profile we enter in the upper left panel onto the resulting segments profile in the lower left panel so I can see any tight spots?