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  1. Halling51

    Smart item

    Hi. I saw in a video around about segment diamond making pieces. The name of it was ZYLISS and I wonder where it is coming from and how to find this? It was a sofisticate piece and very good for holding the pieces when you mark angles etc. Steinar
  2. Halling51

    Norway - my start for making a setup for segmenting.

    Hello everyone. I told Loyd, John and Bob that when this is coming together I will be adding my wrk to the forum. Between work on making things for the segmenting I have a lot of time on hauling snow out from my yard and road. Just now it looks like this outside. It is just 1 meter of snow...
  3. Halling51

    New to segment turning /Norway

    Hello.. I am 66 and now I am prepring for segments turning. Have been looking for more then 10 years - now it is time to act. With very good help from Loyd, Bob and Øistein I am at the start of a new turning life. I want to go for different system to work with and need to make me a sledge, setup...