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  1. Peter1958

    Segmented pens.

    Some people asked me if i could make some segmented pens, so we designed them, i made them. A large Jr. Gentleman fountain pen is the first one. Woods wenge, beech, padouk and merbau. Pvc cards black and white are used as contrasting elements. The second one is a ballpoint pen, ProzX art deco...
  2. Peter1958

    Comment by 'Peter1958' in media 'Pheonix 3.JPG'

    What a beauty, very very nice.
  3. Peter1958

    gaps between rows

    For me it depends on the size of the ring and the thickness i want. When a ring is 12mm thick or so, i use the drumsander to flatten the rings. When gluing them i alwas check on the lathe and sand if necessairy with a board and sandpaper. It must be perfectly flat. I added the picture of a...
  4. Peter1958

    Segmented cat pens

    On a FB-page i showed a few pens and bowls i made last year. Many reactions on all items. Also a question if i can make cat-pens, so i made 4 of them. Here they are.
  5. Peter1958

    Comment by 'Peter1958' in media '20211023_173922.jpg'

    I forgot the dimensions. The widest point 140 mm, hight 370 mm, woods used are merbau, wenge, ash and padouk. 4969 pieces of wood, about 400 grams woodglue. Sandpaper, 60, 120, 150, 320 and 1000 grit.
  6. 20211023_173922.jpg


    Vase 72 segments, 69 rows and 1 piece of padouk.
  7. 20211023_173931.jpg


    pattern is made with segment pro, drawn 20 times and erased 19 times.
  8. 20211023_173939.jpg


    Padouk has a dark side and a bright side, so i tried to show it very nicely 1 coat of waterbased polyurethane. 100 hours of fun.
  9. Peter1958

    recommendations on open-segment plate sizes to start off with

    I'm working on a 72 pieces per ring vase ( row 41 is glued on). My tablesaw is from 1946 ( combination machine) and the sled is not that accurate. I tested 8 glued together wood pieces. then taped with a painterstape to keep the pieces from flying around. So i cut 8 pieces in 1 go. I measured...
  10. Peter1958

    recommendations on open-segment plate sizes to start off with

    I live in Europe, so these disks are a bit expensive to buy for me. (Shipping!) now i have been thinking for a alternative that i can make myself without a cnc machine. My first try was a disk like Tom Lohman sells at his website. That works well enough, but not that accurate, within 0.5 mm i...
  11. Peter1958

    Segment PRO opens plan incorrectly when metric units selected in user defaults

    Hello Lloyd, Now i know it, it is no issue for me anymore. Thanks for adressing it. Peter
  12. Peter1958

    Segment PRO opens plan incorrectly when metric units selected in user defaults

    I work in metrics too and have that bug also. When i save the design i always hae the dimensions in the name of the file, like 96, 58, 5, 305 vase. 96 segments, 58 rows, 5 mm thickness of the wood and 305 mm hight. When i want to see the plan again i adjust the parameters and all works again...
  13. 20210927_185040.jpg


    segmented bowl 5592 pieces, 2 coats of polyurethane
  14. 20210927_185052.jpg


    different view
  15. 20210927_185119_005.jpg


    pattern 1
  16. 20210927_185128.jpg


    pattern 2
  17. 20210926_103306.jpg


    no bottompiece yet
  18. 20210926_103332.jpg


    Turned and sanded to 320 grit
  19. Peter1958

    Comment by 'Peter1958' in media '96.58.5 10-9-21.png'

    Gluing and turning are done, Inside is already sanded. Tomorrow or monday i'll put finish on it. 3 coats of polyurethane, 24 hours drying between coats. It is a large bowl and i like it.
  20. 96.58.5 10-9-21.png

    96.58.5 10-9-21.png

    This pattern i made september 10, woods are wenge, oak, merbau, padouk and yew. It is a large bowl, 41 cm wide, about 30 cm high and holds 96 pieces a row, 57 rows, about 4.6 mm thick. Bottom row is wenge 24 pieces, 24 mm thick. When done i'll post some pictures here. With a router and a...