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    Closed segment bowl

    Got it Bob. Just didn't know where to look. It was there many times because I had tried to open it several times. Now I know. Some of us are not computer literate.
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    Closed segment bowl

    Perhaps Im not understanding the process. Going to Segment Pro and share/import - I don't see anywhere that points to this file. When I click on open above, it points to "Paint" which it says is not supported. So where do I import it from?
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    Closed segment bowl

    I tried to open your file but could not - said the format was not supported. What program did you use to design this turning? Did you build it up using a ring by ring basis or did you use an indexing plate and build it up segment by segment?
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    Comment by 'Johnrheyd' in media 'Sweetheart 1.JPG'

    Thank you Lloyd. What really helped with this bowl was your suggestion to purchase my wood from ebay as thin lumber - this cut the prep time down considerably.
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    Comment by 'Johnrheyd' in media 'Sweetheart 2.JPG'

    Inside of Sweetheart.
  6. Sweetheart 1.JPG

    Sweetheart 1.JPG

    My recent bowl which I built using Segment Pro and Tom Lohmans design called Candy. I modified it a little and renamed it Sweetheart. 48 segments, 8 inches in dia. Woods are Maple, Bloodwood, purple heart, yellow heart, and Wenge.
  7. Sweetheart 2.JPG

    Sweetheart 2.JPG

  8. Open Weave Basket

    Open Weave Basket

    My first bowl using Tom Lohmans plans and Indexing plate. Bowl is 10" X 6" high. Woods used are Wenge, Walnut, Maple, Cherry and Katalox. 48 segments per row, about a thousand pieces in this project. added a center stone of Desert Jasper for bling.
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    Worked perfectly this time - for anyone else having this problem - just remember to not purchase the version with the excel files - if you want it to work within SP.
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    Bob I just got through talking with Tom and he confirmed that the version I purchased does not work with SP - because of the Excell worksheets imbedded within the files - so I've reordered the correct programs.
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    Bob, I tried it both ways. First I saved the zip file to my hard drive, then I imported the zip file into SP. Got nothing. It did say the zip file was imported successfully. I then opened the zip file on my hard drive - and tried importing just one of the files into SP but got nothing...
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    Yes got it in my explorer and uploaded into SP - said it was imported correctly but I still don't see the files in SP does it make a difference that I'm using Microsoft 7 and not 10? Now I wonder if it makes a difference that I ordered the program directly from Tom and got the "complete...
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    Easier said then done. Doesn't seem to work. So once I get it to import into SP, it states - Zip file imported successfully. But I don't see the files in Plans. Where do I open the plans or unzip the files??? is there a tutorial somewhere on this?
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    Just purchased some of Tom Lohmans plans to use with SP. How do I import those into my copy of SP? or is there even a way to import? Seems that the download from Tom is actually complete with everything I need - would be nice to be able to use his designs however on other profiles. Any help?
  15. Blossom bowl

    Blossom bowl

    Just finished my latest bowl which I designed using Segment Pro. Inspiration came from Dennis Edwards project - Petals which I embellished. Bowl has 48 segments per ring, is 9 inches in DIA, 3 inches tall. Made with Wenge, Maple, Bloodwood, Purple Heart, Yellow Heart woods. Rather then use...