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Big blue, Little blue
Glenn McCarron

Big blue, Little blue

I wanted to make a BIG project. I had a large piece of ash on hand. The large vase is 24 1/2 inches tall, 33 - 12 segment rings plus the solid base. The small vase is 12 inches tall, 15-12 segment rings plus a solid base.I built the large one in two sections on my Maxi General lathe. I could not complete it on this lathe as it is only able to handle 16 inches without an extension. I had to assemble and finish it on my old Beaver 3400. It handled the length fine but it ran very close to the bed of the lathe. I could not slide the banjo under the large mid section. The blue is Transtint Blue. The dye did not absorb very well in the grain on the small vase. On the large one I applied a walnut stain and then sanded back before applying the dye.
Beautiful vessels, Glenn. The profile is simply great and the color/grain selection really makes a statement.
Nicely done.

It looks like what someone else here makes and I like them to.

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Segmented Turnings
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